A solution for contact lens germicide

One common, very popular germicide that most people will have come across but will not have heard of is polyhexamethylene biguanide, abbreviated for ease to PHMB. It is applied to the water in swimming pools, industrial processes, personal care products, cosmetics, fabric softeners, hand washes, wound dressings and contact lens solutions. It is also applied to medical utensils and equipment as a disinfectant.

PHMB has been approved for use by the US EPA and has been declared a low risk product, except for workers in the drilling industry who handle drilling muds and workover fluids. For the general public at the levels normally encountered, it is a safe chemical.

Nevertheless, concentrations of PHMB must be measured in this broad range of consumer products for quality control purposes. Various methods of quantitation have been published but they failed to reach down to the levels normally encountered in contact lens solutions, at 1 ppm. The best performances have given detection limits of 4-5 ppm…[Read the Full Article Here]


~ by clearvisioneyecare on January 5, 2010.

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