Can I Wear Any Brand of Contact Lens?

My friend has told me that I have to wear the brand that my Dr. prescribed because they measured my eyes and that would be the best fit. But I read somewhere that soft lens conform to the shape of your eye so it doesn’t really matter. It probably just matters the size of your pupil with the contacts. So I’m wondering, can I just wear any brand of contacts as long as they’re my prescription power?

My optometrist has recommended Freshlooks but I don’t really like them. I think they recommend Freshlook to almost everyone. That’s the only pamphlet I see in the office. I’m currently using Acuvue and Expressions colors. I’m asking about whether it’s safe to use any brand I choose against my doctor’s suggestion.

You can wear any brand of contact lens…that you have a valid Rx for. call your doc and ask him/her if its okay to switch. They may want to evaluate the new brand on your eyes before he/she writes you a prescription for it, or may just okay a switch if its close in size/shape/material.


~ by clearvisioneyecare on October 20, 2010.

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